Headlight Refurbish

Faded headlights have an impact on night time visibility and often will not pass state inspection. Let us come to you and repair your headlight lenses. 

CLK 550 4.jpg
Engine Bay Cleaning

Add engine bay cleaning to your exterior detailing package. 

Washing the Car
Sap & Tar Removal 

If left on your vehicle sap and tar can eat through the clear coat and leave permanent damage. 

Man's BF
Pet Hair Removal 

Like to have your pets travel with you but don't like all the pet hair left behind. Add pet hair removal to your interior detailing package. 


Have some odors in your vehicle. Add a deodorizer to your interior detailing package. 

Carpet, Fabric and Convertible Top Protection

Want to protect your seats, carpets, or convertible top? Add carpet and fabric protection. 

Clay Bar 

Remove environmental contaminants that you can feel from you paint. 

Paint Touch Up

Touch up service for rock chips on hood, and damage to door edges will minimize the risk of rust.