Detailing Services


Do you have a vehicle that is detailed was professionally detailed in the last 3 to 6 months and needs a quick cleaning? This is the best package for you. 



  • Vacuum interior

  • Clean dash, console, doors, cup holders

  • One step clean/condition leather

  • Clean interior windows

  • Final Inspection 


  • Hand wash exterior

  • Apply paint sealant

  • Clean exterior windows

  • Light bug and tar removal

  • Light pine pitch removal 

  • Clean wheels

  • Dress tires


Our most popular package! 

Do you like to get your vehicle cleaned once or twice a year? Choose this one. 


  • All re-FRESH services plus:

    • Clean center console

    • Deep clean cup holders

    • Two step clean/condition leather

    • Steam clean ground in stains and dirt

    • Clean door jambs

    • Clean winter floor mats

    • Clean window tops

    • Remove salts stains

    • Steam clean seats


  • All re-FRESH services plus:

    • Pre-soak exterior

    • Power wash exterior

    • Light bug and tar removal

    • Light pine pitch removal

    • Iron removal wash

    • Clay bar exterior

    • Polish paint

    • Apply paint sealant

    • Clean wheel wells

    • Clean exhaust tips

    • Adjust tire pressure


Do you have a vehicle that deserves special attention? Treat yourself and your vehicle to this package. 


  • All re-NEW Services plus: 

    • Protect interior hard surfaces

    • Micro-clean vents, etc. 

    • Clean seat bases

    • Wax door jambs

    • Deep clean leather

    • Clean headliner


  • All re-NEW services plus: 

    • Clean engine bay

    • Measure paint thickness

    • Exterior Paint Evaluation Report

    • Two step paint correction

    • 1-year ceramic sealant

    • Treat wheel wells

    • Polish Wheels