Are auto shows a good place to look at new cars?

REVIEW: 2020 New England International Auto Show.

- If premium European autos are your thing, don’t bother. Mercedes, Audi, and BMW were not represented (nor was Volvo). - Chevy knocked the ball out of the park with the new Corvette C8 - upstaging the Acura NSX (launched last year but spotlighted at the show again this year). - THE ALL NEW all-wheel drive Mustang SUV was there. That’s right - a Mustang SUV. Still trying to wrap my head around this - and trying to understand why it was “locked for my protection” (see photos). - Mazda 3. Stylish and nicely trimmed interior. Well done Mazda. - Hyundai Elantra 5 door. Great looks - Interior kinda cheap. - Subaru “booth” was well done - represented the brand well. - MINI... where are you? One of my favorite brands that is falling fast. Sales in 2019 half of what they were in 2015. Having owned five MINIs I can tell you each generation has gotten less MINI like.

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