The one MUST HAVE tool for motorcycle detailing

Detailing all the crevices on your motorcycle can be a challenge and the internet is full of detailing kits specifically for motorcycles. If you already have the basic tools for washing a car, there is just one additional tool that I recommend to save you a lot of time and give you better results.

re-VIVE highly recommends a detailing brush (also called boars hair brush) as the one must have detailing tool.

This tool is great for multiple uses. With the long handle you can get into tight spaces you otherwise couldn't reach. You can spay cleaner onto dirty parts of your bike and use the brush to agitate the cleaner allowing it to better break down the dirt, oils, etc. You can also spray the brush with cleaner and apply directly to a dirty area for spot cleaning keeping you from getting cleaner all over the place when you just want to clean a small area.

So if you are looking to up the cleaning on your bike, get yourself a detailing brush.

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