"Wet Paint"

In our last blog we discussed the need for urgency when something gets spilled in a vehicle, and the consequences of not acting quickly. Another topic came up this week that the same rules apply:

Driving through paint.

A friend sent me these pictures (above and below) of her car. She didn't realize it at the time, but clearly she drove through paint (she realized afterwards someone had spilled a lot of paint near her gym).

Obviously the paint she drove through was wet. And the advice I gave was the same as interior spills - take care of it ASAP! The longer you wait to get this removed, the more difficult it will be as it hardens.

To remove paint we have tried many different products but almost always end up with paint thinner being the only product that really works. The paint on the car, providing it is more than 6 months since new, has had time to harden and will not be negatively impacted by minimal contact with thinner. We use thinner, combined with a new microfiber towel, to minimizes the risk of damage to the vehicle paint. A simple process of dabbing the thinner on the paint and allow it to soften the paint followed by gently wiping with towel will remove the paint without impacting the vehicle.

This combination will quickly and easily remove the paint provided it has not had a chance to harden onto the vehicle.

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