Winter Vehicle Prep Basics

Standing in the sleet or freezing rain isn't the best time to realize that you do not have an ice scraper or your wiper blades are no good.

Take a few basic steps now to prepare your vehicle for winter.

Wipers blades - check to make sure they are not cracked or streaking. Most auto part stores will install them for you.

Battery terminals - your battery has more work to do in the cold. Be sure your terminals are free of corrosion.

Tires - consider a set of dedicated winter tires. is a great local option or if you want to research the best winter tire for you.

Ice scraper - be sure you have one in each car (otherwise your kids will take yours).

Anti-freeze - check and top off. Be sure engine is cooled down before opening.

Wiper fluid - top off and be sure to have extra on hand. You will need it!

Wash and wax - Get a coat of wax on your vehicle after a good washing to protect it from the harsh winter elements.

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